#066 - Survival Mindset / Skills / Tactics / Gear + MSK-1 Survival Knife - The Survival Show Podcast

#066 - Survival Mindset / Skills / Tactics / Gear + MSK-1 Survival Knife - The Survival Show Podcast

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Are Your Survival Preparations and Training Upside Down? Are You Missing THE #1 KEY All Survivors Have? Discover the Survival Mindset, Skills, Tactics, Gear You Need to Be Ready for the NEXT: Emergency, Crisis or Disaster. MSK-1 Knives HERE: https://bit.ly/2LLm5R9

Here Are Links to Items Mentioned in the Video:

- Check Out NEW MSK-1 Knives HERE: https://bit.ly/2LLm5R9
- Grab Your Tiny Survival Guide Here: https://bit.ly/2SgWobY or on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2Lab2QK

TRAINING - By Craig and David on Outdoor Core:
- David: Foolproof Bow Drill Course: https://bit.ly/36iHiM1
- Craig: Foraging for Fun: Eating Weeds - https://www.outdoorcore.com/courses/foraging-for-fun-edible-and-medicinal-plants?ref=b1b209
- Craig: Edible and Medicinal Trees: https://bit.ly/2X4di1V

MORE from Ultimate Survival Tips:
- DIY: Build Your Ultimate EDC Survival Kit - App: https://tinysurvival.com/products/bui...
- Ultimate Survival Tips - Website: www.UltimateSurvivalTips.com
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- MSK-1 Survival Knife System (David’s Knife): 3 New MSK-1s for 2020 HERE: https://bit.ly/2LLm5R9

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Additional Resources - From David and Craig...
Get Essential Wilderness Navigation HERE: https://amzn.to/2PL7YQx
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BOOK: Essential Wilderness Navigation - By Craig: https://amzn.to/2PL7YQx
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By: Ultimate Survival Tips
Title: #066 - Survival Mindset / Skills / Tactics / Gear + MSK-1 Survival Knife - The Survival Show Podcast
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