2020, The Year to Remember

2020, The Year to Remember

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This year has definitely not been the best we’ve ever had. It has tried our strength, our courage, our patience — we’ve had to give it our everything, expecting nothing in return but hope for better times. And yet, let’s not forget the good things 2020 has brought. Despite not being able to see our friends and sometimes even families in person, we’ve managed to stay in touch. And by keeping our distance, we’ve shown how much we care about our loved ones. It’s been hard to see our dear faces on cold screens, but all the sweeter the reunion will be after this is all in the past.

We’ve had to find other ways to support those who need it, and we’ve found them. We’ve seen the grateful smiles of our grandparents when they received the flowers, food, and gifts we sent them. We’ve shared the peaceful joy of watching movies together with our loved ones even when separated. We’ve given to the world what we do best, sharing our skills and secrets of our trades online, asking for nothing in return. In a sense, this year has united us more than ever.


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Title: 2020, The Year to Remember
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