Making an Apocalypse Supply Map

Making an Apocalypse Supply Map

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As the title indicates in todays video we discuss some considerations for developing a grid down, TEOTWAKI resource map. Although a mad max world is a long shot, if you are prepared for zombies you are prepared for anything, these are some of the points of interest you would want to have mapped out before it hits the fan.

How to use a Compass

How to read a Topgraphical map

Backroad maps in Canada

Backroad maps in USA

Cammenga Compass (The gold standard) (save 10% using coupon SURVIVALPREPPER)*&type=article,page,product

Rite in the Rain notepads*%20in*%20rain*&type=article,page,product

Garmin GPS units/ satellite comms

Flagging tape

Ranger beads

Custom map maker

Railroad tracks


Cell towers maps (USA)


Federal Prison map (USA)

Crown/ Public land map (Saskatchewan Canada only, every province, state has its own)

Crime map (Each city has their own)

Military map of USA

Subway map (Toronto example)

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Title: Making an Apocalypse Supply Map
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