Best EDC Bag for weapon access

Best EDC Bag for weapon access

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March 22, 2021
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Most of you know I love my Vertx Gamut 2.0 bag, and that I use it as my "Get Home Bag", filled with food/water/shelter/medical/etc. However, it is WAY too heavy for EDC carry on a daily basis in normal everyday situations. So, what bag do we recommend for everyday EDC? We hunted around and decided on the SAME bag that many professionals recommend; including Amber from Fit-To-Fight Republic.
It's the Vertx Commuter Sling 2.0 and is totally badass, allowing easy access to your EDC pistol, medical gear, and just about any other piece of equipment that you need rapid access to while still remaining covert in it's storage.

Amber even runs it with a flexible ballistic panel, from : Premier Body Armor. She said "For Premier Body Armor our site is: and the coupon code is F2FCLT for 10% off." SO, it looks like you can save there too.

We both love Vertx products, and we think you will too. So, we asked them for a Promo Code to save you some of that hard-earned COVID money.
Use Code: TR25 to save 25% at

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By: Tactical Rifleman
Title: Best EDC Bag for weapon access
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