Best Night Vision Aiming Laser: DBAL-A3 | Tactial Rifleman

Best Night Vision Aiming Laser: DBAL-A3 | Tactial Rifleman

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March 8, 2021
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There's lots of interest in Carbines, with record firearm sales over the last few years. There's also a growing interest in using Night Vision Devices (NVDs) for shooting in the dark. While you can technically shoot your rifle at night by looking through your NVDs at your rifle's sights or optic, it is very hard to line up the tube with the rifle. Remember, you are basically looking through a toilet paper tube. Rather than doing that, most military units prefer to use IR aiming lasers; which allows them to mount the rifle a little lower on their shoulder, looking over the top of the weapon, and then aiming the weapon by using the IR laser.

I have used various models of IR lasers/illuminators for over 30 years; including the modern generations that the US military is using. That said; best bang for you buck: the Steiner DBAL-A3.

This puppy has an IR aiming laser for night, culminated to a visible Green or Red laser for day . It also has a adjustable focus IR illuminator for observation at night. Remember, there is more to combat shooting than just aiming... You have to be able to identify "Is it a Threat, is it not a Threat, is it a Threat that warrants Deadly Force?"

I hope you enjoy the video, and special thanks to the Night Vision Guys for helping with this video.
Strength & Honor, TR.

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By: Tactical Rifleman
Title: Best Night Vision Aiming Laser: DBAL-A3 | Tactial Rifleman
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