Edge of Reality- Knife Defense Tactics 1

Edge of Reality- Knife Defense Tactics 1

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February 22, 2021
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If you've enjoyed the Round Table series with Ryan and Amber from Fit to Fight® you absolutely will not be disappointed with his newest digital training course: Edge of Reality - Counter Blade tactics. Knives are the second most commonly used weapon in homicides in the US. According to the UN, 43% of all homicides in Europe involve a knife, and men in Asia are as likely to die from a knife as from a firearm.

Every person learns to use a knife at a young age. They are always available, accessible, never fail and never run out of ammo. This makes them hell to deal with. The training course here is a holistic, honest approach to dealing with knife violence, from world-renowned instructors Ryan Hoover and Amber Staklinski. Train at your own pace and access the course anytime!

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By: Tactical Rifleman
Title: Edge of Reality- Knife Defense Tactics 1
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