How to be Invisible Electronically: Part-2 Emails

How to be Invisible Electronically: Part-2 Emails

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June 7, 2021
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Situational Awareness... We all claim to be aware. We all claim to be prepared. Some of you carry guns; others far more extreme. However, many of us, myself included, leave ourselves open to surveillance electronically. Our smart phones and internet browsers connect us to far more people than we ever would have agreed to.
So, several months ago, I was approached by an ole SF buddy of mine, EP, whos new full-time job is teaching government and military operators how to be invisible electronically. He said he saw the capable citizens that I was reaching, and he saw the state of our current political and military climate; and he decided he wanted to do his part making concerned citizens into capable citizens.
What we have put together is a series of videos. This is Part-2 of this series. If you missed the intro or Part-1, you can find it in our video archive. We will then add another segment to this series about once a month, as I don't want to bore you all too much. While this topic is not "Sexy Pew Pew" like a lot of other gun channels do; I honestly believe that this is a subject that many should take serious.
Take notes and implement the tips that EP is willing to share with you. I know I did. These are all "open source" techniques, though many agencies wish we were not sharing this information. Still, there comes a time when we must arm ourselves. Knowledge will always be your best weapon. TR

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By: Tactical Rifleman
Title: How to be Invisible Electronically: Part-2 Emails
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