Pistol Draw extreme close range | Tactical Rifleman

Pistol Draw extreme close range | Tactical Rifleman

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June 14, 2021
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This is a basic discussion about deploying your weapon at close to extremely close distances from an attacker. Our first priority in this type of situation is to make sure that any attacks by the assailant are diverted or controlled, then we establish a free weapon hand and enough room to deploy the weapon.

Of course there are many ways to achieve this and we are showing a few options and considerations in terms of both techniques and carry options.

For practicing this on the range, start by making sure that you have an appropriate backstop for the bullets because the angle of shots will be lower when targeting the pelvic girdle. Equally important is not to get sucked into just trying to make the movements fast. Do everything at the speed of success, meaning that you should move as slowly as you need to in order to have perfect repetitions. The speed will come on its own once you’ve done the correct motions so many times.

Here’s the link to one of our previous videos showing one defensive technique and how it can be incorporated into range training: https://youtu.be/CXXe9hUSzS4

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By: Tactical Rifleman
Title: Pistol Draw extreme close range | Tactical Rifleman
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